Not ony does VersaTan offer convenient 24hr access to our tanning salon clients, we have the most advanced tanning beds in town to help you achieve and maintain that perfect tan year-round at a price you can afford!

Chronos High Presure Tanning Bed
High Pressure Chronos:
The strongest tanning bed around, this virtually non-sunburning bed is one of the most exclusive tanning units in the industry. It provides the deepest, darkest, and longest lasting golden tans.
Sunboard High Presure Tanning Bed
High Pressure Sunboard:
Open air concept tanning. Non-claustrophic design results in a soothing sunbath on a chase lounge inspired base. Virtually non-sunburning technology.
Vegalux Stand-up Tanning Bed
Level 3 Vegalux:
Luxury, open design standup tanning with a high tech ventilation system for one of the most exclusive tanning booths in this category. Recommended for experienced tanners only! It is the strongest UVB unit- so there is a lot of solar energy right on the skin surface.
LP3 Tanning Bed
Level 3 LP3:
Incredible results, the spacious LP3 tanning beds feature incredibly advanced lamps for bodies and faces, comfortable wide contoured bases, neck tanning reflectors, and super fast session times.
specialized leg tanning
Level 2 Leg Tanner:
The only one in town!

Keep your legs looking bronzed all year round.
elite standup tanning
Level 2 Elite:
This hybrid tanning unit is a standup with just the right mixture of tanning lamps and collagen-producing red light therapy lamps - "Tanning with Benefits"
LP2 tanning
Level 2 LP2:
Notably stronger than the kiwi, this incredible machine has adjustable facial intensities combined with spacious design for a comfortable experience.
level 1 kiwi tanning bed
Level 1 Kiwi:
Fantastic entry level tanning with gentle facial tanners. It's great for the start of the season- or anytime if you have fairer skin.
Billings Spray Tanning
Spray Tanning:
We also offer state of the art spray tanning! Check out our 'Spray Tan' page for more details!


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